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Shafqat Cheema : A Great Pakistani Actor

Profile Picture:

Shafaqat Cheema pic


According to Me Shafaqat Cheema is a Pakistani Villain actor in Lollywood Film Industry, He works in Punjabi, Pashto and Urdu Pakistani Movies as Villian, Shafqat cheema is a super hit villain in these days.


Shafqat Cheema is a well-known Pakistani film actor[1] and director who has acted roles in many Urdu and Punjabi-language Lollywood films. He is notably known to have played the role of an antagonist in the 2011 blockbuster film Bol

Personal Info:

WHEN FILM BUFFS in Pakistan talk about screen villainy, Mazhar Shah is way up there in their estimations, who was a terror for the Lollywood hero in the late Fifties and early Sixties. It was his loud slogan, called barhak in Punjabi that hit the cinema halls like bombs, and the booming decibel delighted the audiences in a period known for the feudal lords and their tyranny. Another man, whose character roles became legendary in his life time, was Alauddin, the Awami Adakar. He is known for playing a striking variety of roles. I mentioned these two famous artistes in order to make a point that Shafqat Cheema, despite the paucity of roles in local cinema today, imbibes the styles of both the celebrated actors of Pakistan!Today, Shafqat Cheema is truly an awami adakar, and people look out for his antics whenever his new film is screened. Unfortunately, today, we are too commercial and cheap to work on scripts that need an actor to test himself on a film screen. Cheema is a great fan of Alauddin, and watches his films to learn to use his expressions and gestures. He showed how much he had learnt from his study in Syed Noor’s film, Chooriyan, where he did a role that was quite different from his usual one-dimensional portrayals. Similarly, he performed quite well in Mehndiwaley Hath.

Now, Shafqat Cheema has invited Indian filmmakers, Iqbal Dhillon, took the Punjabi film, Barbara Ratko Rahim Singh in the East Punjab. With Singh is King Akshay’s popular, it seems that the Indian film-makers tend to make more movies Sikh personality. Of course, BRRS will be a very different film typical commercial enterprise. It focuses on the humanitarian aspects of religion. This is what makes Shafqat Cheema as the protagonist of the film is very important to include. Film’s director, Radhey Cecil said that he has been watching Pakistan’s Punjabi film, he likes the versatility of Shafqat Cheema, that he called him and asked him to do this role in his film. Other actors from the film Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

Shafqat Cheema in Lollywood is these days one of the busiest actors. He is working in Punjabi, Urdu and Pushto movies. Recently he has signed a Pushto film, Zalmi large Pakhtoonkhwa, has an important role in the Khan and Shahid Khan, Asif. Therefore, Cheema really is the people’s actor.

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Shafqat Cheema Movie details:

Qurbani :

This movie is released in 1991.The actors in the movie areMukarram, Shafqat Cheema and Humayun Qureshi



The movie is released in the year 1994.

Director: Shamim Ara

Cast: Shamim Ara, Shafqat Cheema and Afzal Khan.

Movie preview:

Sargam :

This movie is released in 1995.

Cast :Nadeem Baig, Zeba Bakhtiar and Deeba Begum,Shafqat Cheema.

Movie preview:

Bol movie:

Bol has not only established a new success record in Pakistani Cinema it also set a new box office record.It has become a film earning the highest gross in its first week of release smashing all previous records.Bol has already grossed about 22.5 crores in just six days.It is expected that when the record of full week is available, the film will make a gross earning of RS 25 million setting up a new business in Pakistani Cinema

Bol Red-carpet Ceremony:

Bol Film Lahore Premier:

Munda Bigra Jaye (1995):

Producer: Shera Films

Directed by :Madam Shamim Ara

Stars: Reema,Babar Ali,Sahiba,Rambo,Ismail Tara,Uzma Baig,Shafqat Cheema and Zeba Shahnaz

Music : M.Ashraf

Writer: Dabir-ul-Hassan.

“Munda Bigra Jaye” was the first urdu film in the history which celebrated diamond jubilee in Karachi and Lahore simultaneously and considered third highest grosser Urdu film.

Movie Preview:

Jungle Queen (2000):

Writer: Syed Noor

director: Syed Noor

Stars: Moammar Rana,Khushboo,Rambo,Saira Khan and Shafqat Cheema

Music : M.Arshad

Singer : Shazia Manzoor

Saima played the title

It was a remake of 80`s super hit “Miss.Colombo”

Movie Preview:

Angaray (2000):

Cast:  Rajesh Khanna Smita Patil and Raj Babbar

Director: Rajesh Seth

Angaarey is a 1986 Superhit Hindi Movie .

Plot: Aarti is an educated girl living with her young brother Sanjay Verma and mother. She joins as the personal secretary to Jolly. Meanwhile Vijay develops a desire that he should marry Arthi althoug he does not propose her directly. One day Vijay finds that Arthi brother is an drug addict and thus informs promptly to Arthi and Arti convinces her brother to join Army so that he becomes a disciplined person in his life.After a few days Jolly tries to rape Arthi and Vijay comes to the rescue of Arthi. This movie can be watched in full length by subscribing to http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=shemaroo­movies

Watch Movie:

Moosa Khan (2001):

Year: 2001
Cast: Saima, Shaan, Laila, Nadeem, Bidya Rao
Singers: Shabnam Majeed & Jawad Ahmad

Movie Preview:

Badmash Gujjar (2001):

A song from Punjabi film Badmash Gujjar (2001) picturized on Mommar Rana, Nirma, Saud, Nargis, and others.

Majajan (2006):

Year – 2006.

Genre — Drama

Country – Pakistan

Language – Punjabi

Producer – Saima

Director – Syed Noor

Music Director — Zulfikar Ali

Cast — Saima, Shaan, Madiha Shah

Movie Preview:

Jhoomar (2007):

Producer: Safder malik

Writer:Syed noor

Directer:Syed noor

Cast: Saima,Moammer rana,Durrdana rehman,Shahid khan,Aleena,Shafqat cheema,Fareeha jabeen and Irfan khoosat

Music: Nijat ali

Singers: Shabnam majeed and Ameer ali.

An excellent movie…..

Movie Preview:

Godfather (2007):

Cast:Shafqat cheema ,Mehmood Akhtar ,Mikaal Zulfiqar,Ajab Gul,Meera,Maria Khan,Arbaaz Khan,Vinod Khanna,Amrita Arora,Preeti Jhangiani,Kim Sharma

Director: Hariday Shetty
Producer : Aslam Bhatti
Music : Aadesh Shrivastava
Release date(s): October 14, 2007
Country: Pakistan
Language :Urdu

Story Line:The film revolves around 4 characters  Abdullah Khan,Ali,Shaakir, Khalid.Abdullah Khan is an underworld Don.Ali is a Shepard guy.Khalid is Abdullah khan’s rival and Shaakir is abdullah khan’s son.Once Ali saves abdullah khan in a fight with Khalid.Khalid in revenge kills Ali’s family.So, abdullah khan adopts Ali and his sister.But this Adoption brings some internal rivalry in Abdullah khan’s family as shaakir doesn’t want a brother in name of Ali.Ali soon becomes very close to his step father Abdullah and becomes an active part of Abdullah’s under world business.which resulted in a serious rivalry with his another son Shaakir.His causes heart broke for Abdullah and his death moves the heart of Ali and he eliminates Shaakir from the country . Hariday Shetty had directed the film so interestingly and credit goes to him.

This is a must watch film for suspence lovers.

Watch Complete Movie :

Zill-e-Shah (2008):

Movie: Zill-E-Shah
Year: 2008
Cast: Saima, Shaan, Noor, Deeba and Shafqat Cheema
Singers: Saima Jehan and Tousseef Da

Movie Preview Song:

Channa Sachi Muchi (2010):

Chana Sachi Muchi – Song: “Chana Sachi Muchi” Lollywood 2010 HD

Razia Gundo Mein (2010):

List of many other movies:

  • Hawain (1996)
  • Umar Mukhtar (1997)
  • Bangles (1998)
  • Kanjhar Gosht (2002)
  • Randiyon Ka Sardar (2003)
  • Palang Ke Khaufnak Jhatke (2005)
  • Palang Polo (2007)
  • Suhagan (2008)
  • Gunahon Ki Basti (2008)
  • Tu Chal, Main Aaya (2009)

 Shafqat Cheema performing on stage:

Lollywood Top actor Shafqat Cheema performing on stage at “Inayat hussain bhatti Mela” with a positive message for the Punjabi,Pathan,Blouch and the sindis.

We owe this article to the legendary actor Shafqat Cheema.Long live this gifted artist.

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